Castle House
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This house is very similar to "The Three King's" decided to re-work the
left side wall which touches the kitchen, and study. The exterior is
finished with a more evenly cut stone (painting still in progress in this
picture) with decorative stone elements along the roof line. The dormer
windows are finished with a faux decorative copper finish slightly aged.
I've added an extra dormer in the washroom as well. The roof on this
house is almost entirely flat so the space can be used as a roof-top
patio except for the master bedroom which still has the domed ceiling.
The staircase in this house is circular instead of square, and I've added
many more stained glass windows, with some in 3D, all made by Susan
Celentano. I had to build the supports for all the exterior light fixtures in
brass, painted black. The front exterior stairs are not as complex as with
the Three King's.