French City House
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April 2016 - Beginning of a new project.  October 2018 - 99%
done. This is my version of a French City House. This is a fairly
large house. The table is split in half to open the house to
access. This house contains only the main rooms   There are
fake doors on the back wall which would be access to the
service areas of the house.
Front View
Base is not yet complete
Top Roof Detail
Left Side and Front Roof Views
Front Door
Side Views
Open View of Front Rooms
Open View of Back Rooms
4th Floor Nannies Room
4th Floor Nursery
3rd Floor Bedroom
3rd Floor Master Bedroom
2nd Floor Sitting Room
2nd Floor Study
1st Floor
1st Floor Main Salon
View of Front Rooms
Top to Bottom
View of Back Rooms
Top to Bottom
4th Floor Butler's Room
4th Floor Service Hall
Top of Staircase
3rd Floor Bedroom
3rd Floor Hall
3rd Floor Landing
2nd Floor Library
2nd Floor Landing
1st Floor Dining Room
1st Floor Stair Case
Dining Room Floor
Library Floor
Bedroom Floor
Butler's Room Floor
Salon Floor
Study Floor
Sitting Room Floor
Master Bedroom Floor
Bedroom Floor