The Garfield Dollhouse Complete Makeover!!!

Dollhouse Pick-up – Dec 16, 2020

This house was offer to our miniature group in Toronto (MET – Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto) and I decided to take on the challenge of finishing it. I picked up the house and my mind immediately went to work on what I wanted to do with it. The house had been sitting idle for some time as it was covered in dust and a few cobb webs.

Figuring out the roof – Dec 18, 2020

Took a while to figure out how the roof pieces went together, but I did it.

Once I figured that part out I numbered the pieces so I don’t forget where they belong.

I also proceeded to rip out whatever interior finishes were already added as these did not age well. I also removed all the window and door trims and the plastic glass. These will all be replaced by custom pieces. By this point I had decided that I would cut the house in two and re-arrange the stairs. I also ripped out the extra wall in the second floor bedroom.

Slicing the house and filling in the openings – Dec 18, 2020

Considering the house is made of a very easy to cut and snap plywood; only 1/8″ thick, I was able to cut it using an knife. I then proceeded to add the dividing walls between what would be the new entrance parlour and living room.

I knew I was going to relocate the stairs so I proceeded to close off the openings using pieces of the plywood of items I knew I would not be using in the house.

I had decided that the bathroom door would be moved so the old doors were sealed off. I believe most people used the room as a bedroom and what is now the new hallway as a bathroom.

I also sealed off the kitchen door as it was way to narrow to work as a door.

New door opening – Dec 19, 2020

The new bathroom door has been cut out and the tower door has been made taller so you don’t have to bend over to get in.

Time to create the stairs Dec 20, 2020

Okay, so stairs are now underway. I’ve created the opening on the third floor landing and lowered the door so you don’t need to walk down stairs to get into the bedroom. I’ve also added a full wall so the gable section in this room will be modified. Also the third floor landing roof will be modified. The back section will be flat.

I’m creating a third floor bathroom, I believe this is wear the original stair was and I felt it was a waste of perfectly useful space. I will also be creating a new door for the office next to the bathroom (tower room).

So I’ve been working on the second floor stairs, they seem to fit okay. Still need to work on the finishing touches but I first want to test fit the ground floor stairs.

Working on the Third Floor Washroom – Dec 22, 2020

Okay. so while I’m waiting for the glue to dry on sections of the staircase I thought it would be a good time to work on the third floor washroom. I know what your thinking when looking at the pics. ” How in hell is he going to get access to this room”. Not to worry, I already have this all planned out in my head, like most of my ideas. You’ll notice where the roof gables would go I added a 3″ wall. To me just makes more sense and feels like the space is more useable. I will need to decide on the finishes before gluing the roof sections together, after all it will be difficult to access this area later. You may notice I also built the doorway for the tower room office. You mat also notice a mix of materials being used. I just have a ton of scraps that I would like to use up.

Back to the Stairs – Dec 24, 2020

So I managed to start assembling the ground floor stairs and cut open the second floor landing. You will notice that the door to what will be the master bedroom has been lowered to be level with the bedroom floor and lower than the third floor landing.

Tower room under construction – Dec 24, 2020

Okay, so you can see the tower room section of the roof has been cut even with the exterior wall and glued into place. I’m okay with gluing this section since I have easy access to the interior of this room. The second picture shows the ceiling dropped to 7 1/2″; not to keen on the pointy ceiling idea.

Other Things on the Go – Dec 24, 2020

I believe this would have originally been the front entrance with a window. Part of the doorway has been closed and the wall opened up to what will be a mini sunroom section of the entrance parlour.

More things on the go – Dec 26. 2020

So I cut the the new opening for the new oval window in the tower room and cut the opening for the tower door, I’ve also added a 3″ wall piece on the left of the tower to make the space more usable.

I have decided to use this window for the tower room and the two peaks in the third floor washroom. Still debating if I want to use it on the third floor bedroom. Needs more thinking. The window piece is 4″ x 3″, plus frame.

I’ve started to glue the bathroom roof pieces together. These have not been glued to the structure yet as I will need to do the finishes first otherwise good luck getting that done.

Above are the wallpaper and floor tiles I will be using in the bathroom. I still need to pick out a marble I will be using on the lower section of the walls. I printed these off using my printer (Epson ET-2650 Laser Jet printer). I’m sure like a lot of people, I can’t afford to run out and start purchasing all sorts of expensive materials to use.

Okay, so I’ve started with the finishes in the washroom. I finished the flat surface of the ceiling with wood which I painted white. I started adding a green trim around the ceiling, this will be a two part trim.

As you can see from the first picture, this room has a lot of angles. Does not help that the house was sitting still for a very long time so some of the pieces have warped making things fit not so well. I’ve added the wainscoting around the top of the marble and the door is in place. I will need to add the two pieces of the roof in order to finish the bathroom ceiling. Will be a little tricky since I have big hands. I have also added two wall plugs for table lamps.

Above is one of the two removable sections to access the washroom. The window is made up of two pieces and 1/32″ acrylic. These will be held in place with magnets.

A Little Everywhere – Jan 15, 2021

Okay, so above you can see the windows for the 3rd floor washroom. Held in place with two pegs and four magnets. Need to work on the lower floors before I can move forward with the finishes.

So. I’m moving forward with the front door. I decided to close the two windows since the front door will be pretty much all glass. Black parts were all 3d printed. I decided to make the windows around the door look as they had small panes of glass for privacy, the main door was divided into larger panes. I want the door to look strong so I will be painting it all black as though it ere made of iron. Will complete this section later.

I decided to add a bay window in the third floor bedroom, which will be the sons room. Windows were also 3d printed. Rounded ceiling made of cardstock, four layers, curved and painted a deep blue.

The Floors – Jan 29, 2021

The floors will be all made of oak planks. I have a lot of oak scrap so it’s cheap. A lot of cutting. The boards are cut about 1/8″ thick and different widths. These floors will be stained a red mahogany and varnished then waxed. I don’t want to do anything to fancy for the floors, just don’t think it would be appropriate.

Stained and some Varnished Floors – Feb 09, 2021

Stairs & Front Door Progress – Feb 09, 2021

I’ve assembled all the pieces for the front door and tested the fit. I painted this all black to give it a solid feel as though it were made of iron. the tight triangle windows is for privacy since this will see into the large entrance sitting room area.

So the stairs are finally in place and I’m quite happy with them. For the treads I actually used mahogany instead of oak as I did on all the floors. Still have to figure out what I want to do for railings.

Attic Office, I would say pretty much done. Jun 19, 2021

Been a while but work has been overwhelming. Worked on the house on and off when I had a chance. The office is painted with a light green . I printed the wallpaper, think it cane out pretty good. The tower ceiling was a lot of fun to make with all the arches. I designed the lights and then printed them with my resin printer, made sure the globes were a little cloudy. The tower ceiling is removable otherwise good luck decorating.

In the master bedroom I decided to use one of the wallpapers the original owner wanted to use in the house. I actually don’t mind the paper and it is a good quality paper. The trim along the wainscoting is 3d printed as are the door trim and the window trim. Baseboards are wood. I used a cake mold to make the ceiling decorations except for the medallion.